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Grilled Okra

26 Aug

This was one of my favorite side dishes in LA when I would head over to Eric’s house for one of his delicious dinners.  Whenever he made it, he made it on the grill, but sadly, I have no grill to make it on myself.  I do however, have a George Foreman grill and I got to thinking, maybe I can make it on that.  So I did.  And it’s not quite as perfect as when it’s made on a real grill, but it’s still quite good – and very easy.

Step one – buy a bag of okra.  Pretty much just use your judgment on how much you want.

Step two – coat it with olive oil and season salt.  Again, it’s no exact science – use your judgment, but you definitely want to cover it.

Step three – now this is where it varies between a regular grill and a GF grill.  If you are using a regular grill, you want to put the okra on skewers (this is so you can easily turn them over).  You should put one through the top-ish section and one through the bottom-ish section and put ten or so on one set of skewers.

If you are using a GF, all you need to do is put them on the grill.  I put it on the highest temperature and just decide when I think they are done (you want them a little crispy).

Here they are all yummy and ready to eat.  A perfect summer side 🙂